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Do you want to run a store?

We need professional store managers to run one of our ever growing portfolio of stores all over the world. If you are good fit for our business, the chances are there’s a great opportunity in one of our 420 stores in a city near you.

Take a virtual tour around our Warhammer Tottenham Court Road store with Google Street View

Take Ownership & Responsibility

We treat our store managers like they effectively run their own business. That means taking ownership and responsibility for everything they do and making their own decisions to grow sales. A good store manager needs a solid commercial approach — in other words, a desire to make the most of every sales opportunity that comes along. And they will go that extra mile to provide the cheerful, productive and positive customer interactions for which Games Workshop is known.

At Games Workshop we look for energetic, self-motivated, enthusiastic individuals who are focused on growing sales. We believe that the attitudes you bring are more important that the skills you have.
From the moment you start your career with us you’ll benefit from specific on-the-job training that will provide you with real skills and responsibilities from day one.

Sell & Serve

A Games Workshop store is an exciting, vibrant shop where customers come to buy amazing fantasy miniatures for their collections.
At The till
Each store is filled with everything a customer needs to enhance their hobby and grow their collection of fantasy miniatures. In addition to the model kits themselves, this includes an extensive range of Citadel paints, brushes, glues and modelling tools; sourcebooks and novels that explore the rich fantasy worlds worlds of Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and The Hobbit; and everything needed to re-enact fantasy battles on the tabletop – from dice to gaming boards, to exquisite scenery pieces. It is the job of our staff to help the customer choose the product they desire to enhance their collection.

Each store is designed to complement the customer experience. As well as containing all the products a customer could desire, they feature display cabinets, painting stations and gaming tables all designed to inspire our customers and provide an environment in which to demonstrate our products.

Reap the Rewards

Games Workshop stores are a fun and dynamic environment in which to work. Each day is completely different, as each and every customer coming through the door is unique. They have their own needs and requirements and part of the challenge and enjoyment of working in this environment is finding the best ways to fulfil their needs. We believe in striving to make each person’s experience the best it can be – and to challenge ourselves to continually improve how we do this.

The vast majority of Games Workshop stores are staffed only by the manager, and this makes for a challenging and rewarding job. They can learn about running a business and by making their own decisions every day, they can learn about themselves too. It is very much the case of what you put in you will get out.
As our store managers are personally responsible for growing sales, they also share in the benefit that growth brings. In addition to a competitive salary, managers get a significant bonus for achieving volume sales growth in their stores. This is awarded quarterly and has no maximum value.