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Do you want to be responsible for growing sales by running your own Warhammer retail store?

Are you excited by working alone, engaging with all your customers, understanding what’s important to them, and responding appropriately?

You will be responsible for and expected to make all the decisions to drive sales in your store all of the time. We will provide you with broad guidelines and access to a variety of support to allow you to do this effectively.

We know that the real challenge to growing sales is to provide a consistently exceptional standard of service to every customer no matter what. For those of you that meet this challenge, you will be financially rewarded with a competitive salary.

Lavorando a Games Workshop

Warhammer Store Managers are the friendly and welcoming face of Games Workshop; they interact with our customers every day and introduce new people to our worlds. We treat our Store Managers like they effectively run their own business. That means taking ownership and responsibility for everything they do and making their own decisions to grow sales.

A good Store Manager needs a solid commercial approach — in other words, a drive to create and make the most of every sales opportunity. They will go that extra mile to provide the cheerful, productive and positive customer interactions for which Games Workshop is known.

Altre informazioni essenziali

FUTURE VACANCY: Applying for this job will give you the opportunity to join our Store Manager talent pool, focusing on finding future Store Managers both for existing and our new store openings.

If you like the idea of running a Games Workshop store as you would run your own business, please apply below.

Closing date: There is no closing date, we are continually recruiting.

Come candidarsi

If you wish to apply you must send us a unique letter telling us why you want this job. We select candidates for interview on the content of their letters. This is a great opportunity for you to let us know that you understand what we are looking for.

Please include an up-to-date CV to support your application.

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