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Our Culture

We are a business with a strong internal culture. The culture of a business is, in effect, its personality.

It’s a mix of what we are trying to do and how we go about it. A mix of our business models and the values we embrace as we go about achieving it. Every business has one and we are very particular about enriching and maintaining ours.

The key to our culture is that when we’re at work, we always put the business first. We expect all staff to spend their time here helping to improve Games Workshop both commercially and socially. We also expect them continually to work on improving themselves.

We believe that attitudes and personal qualities are more important than skills; for many jobs we will happily help you learn the skills you need if you bring a great attitude to your work. Some roles require professional qualifications or proven talent, but even then your attitude will be more important than your qualifications and we will often accept a less qualified person if we are impressed.

We know that strong cultures require some getting used to. Some people, perfectly naturally, will find ours too much for them, or not to their taste. We accept and acknowledge this fact. This is why we are so concerned to get a good fit between Games Workshop’s personality and those of all the staff. People who don’t fit or who ‘play’ at fitting, will be unhappy. We are pretty tolerant and you may be able to get away with it for a while, but you will still be unhappy.

People who share the values of our culture will find they fit in very well and can have a long, enjoyable and prosperous journey with us.



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