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About the Job

Do you want to use your accounting skills in an Internationally renowned business to deliver an efficient and effective accounting service?

Are you excited by the thought of constantly striving to ensure the integrity and accuracy of our accounting records?

As Accounting Assistant, you will assist our Finance Manager in our Shanghai office for the entire range of our accounting services within our Chinese Business. 作为会计助理,您将协助我们上海办公室的财务经理在中国业务范围内提供所有会计服务。

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Job content:

1. Audit the daily expense reimbursement of the company; Ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of reimbursement procedures and original documents;

2. Review and issue invoices; Handle daily bank, customs and tax transactions;

3. Reconciliation between online business and Alipay/Wechat electronic payment system, and assist in the preparation of various sales statements;

4. Complete the cash flow statement, account entry and reconciliation of accounts receivable and payable at the end of the month;

5. Be responsible for other affairs assigned by leaders.

Job requirements:


1. Familiar with financial manual accounting; Understand CLOUD HELIOS reimbursement system and Kingdee financial software;

2. Have accounting qualification, proficient in office software and computer skills;

3. Have more than 1 year of financial working experience in commercial and retail enterprise, and be familiar with online and offline accounting of commercial and retail enterprises;

4. Meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, team spirit;

5. Be able to communicate in English both orally and in writing.

Other Essential Information

At Games Workshop we are looking for people who will do their best to understand the needs of the company and to put those needs first when they are at work. Because of this we believe that what you are like, hence the attitude you show to work and the way you choose to behave is just as important as your skills and experience.
在Games Workshop,我们正在寻找能够尽最大努力了解公司需求并在工作时将这些需求放在首位的人。因此,我们相信你是什么样的人、你对工作的态度和你选择的行为方式与你的技能和经验一样重要。

How to Apply

To apply, please include your resume and send us a letter or a video telling us why you want this job. We select candidates for interview based on what they tell us in their letter or video. This is a great opportunity for you to let us know that you understand what we are looking for.

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