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About the Job

Do you eat, sleep and breathe Warcry? Are you passionate about Warhammer Underworlds? Do you want to develop Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds to make them the best they can possibly be?

Are you excited about working with a team of professional Games Developers to produce new rules for Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds, coming up with creative new concepts and specifications for new publications and products, and coordinating their production through the studio?

You will need to intimately understand every aspect of Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds, from the background and lore to the rules systems and different product types and offers and beyond. You will collaborate closely with the Games Development team and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Studio Manager.

You will need to be able to understand what our customers want from our games, books and products, come up with a great plan and then communicate that plan effectively to everyone working on the project. You will never be taken by surprise, exuding calm as you face new challenges and find innovative solutions that keep the project on track.

This is a critical role for both Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds and you will be responsible for planning and briefing every piece of content that makes up a Warcry or Warhammer Underworlds product, including photography, rules and background, as well as commissioning artwork, and ensuring that the finished product matches up to the initial brief. You will also be line managing a small editorial and graphic design team. We know what makes this job hard is ensuring that every piece of content in a Warcry or Warhammer Underworlds product, from a rule or piece of background text to the entire product specification, fit seamlessly together to create an amazing finished product.

Working at Games Workshop

At Games Workshop we are looking for people who will do their best to understand the needs of the company and to put those needs first when they are at work.

Because of this we believe that what you are like, hence the attitude you show to work and the way you choose to behave is even more important than your skills or experience.

Other Essential Information

Applications must be received by midnight, UK time, on Sunday 25th April 2021.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply you must send us a letter or a video telling us why you want this job. We select candidates for interview based on what they tell us in their letter or video.

This is a great opportunity for you to let us know that you understand what we are looking for. Please include an up-to-date CV to support your application.

When you’re ready, please click apply, below.

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