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About the Job

Do you want to be responsible for delivering an amazing service experience in a Warhammer store?

Does the idea of introducing new customers to Warhammer every day excite you?

Are you motivated by working on your own or with other staff to engage with every customer, understand what’s important to them, and then deliver the best customer service they ever experienced?

A Sales Assistant is responsible for driving sales in the store all of the time. We provide them with broad guidelines and access to a variety of support to allow them to do this effectively.

We know that the real challenge to growing sales is to provide a consistently exceptional standard of service to every customer no matter what.

Find Out More

Our recruitment team will be more than happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact a recruiter directly for more information on the job at

Working at Games Workshop

At Games Workshop we are looking for people who will do their best to understand the needs of the company and to put those needs first when they are at work.

Because of this, we believe that what you are like, hence the attitude you show to work, and the way you choose to behave is even more important than your skills or experience.

How to Apply

To apply, you need to send us a letter or a video telling us why you want this job.

The application is your chance to shine. It’s an opportunity to tell us why you want the job, what makes you a good fit for it, and why you’ll be great at it.

We read every letter and we watch every video we receive, and this is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. It is the determining factor in who we progress to the next stage. Take your time and write something great to let us know that you understand what we are looking for.

Please include an up-to-date CV or resume.

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Working at Games Workshop

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