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Games Workshop is a diverse mix of talented individuals. We’re passionate about what we do: make the best fantasy miniatures in the world and create rich universes for them to inhabit. We build teams for the long-term and reward hard work with endless opportunities for growth. If you’re up for the challenge of turning work into play, you’ll find an exciting, rewarding home here with us.


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Work with the worlds of Warhammer around the globe

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Games Workshop employee with a customer painting miniatures
“Everyone here pours passion into their jobs. People really care about what they are doing.” Max, Product & Supply
“The tremendous variety, and the privilege of working alongside other creative people, is one of the many reasons I love working for Games Workshop. There’s no other company quite like it.” Nick, Black Library
“I love working at Games Workshop because everyone and their opinion matters.” Robert, Marketing
“Passionate, professional, committed, creative – just four words to describe the people I work alongside at Games Workshop and why it’s such a thrilling place to work.” Jes, Writing Manager

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