It all began here – the home of Warhammer

When we say the UK is the home of Warhammer, we mean it. Our HQ in Nottingham forms the heart of everything we do. It’s where every miniature is designed, sculpted, manufactured and packaged. It joins our main factory and warehouse on our multidisciplinary campus that includes the Warhammer World visitors centre and even the world’s best dwarven pub. Our retail chain is well established across the length and breadth of the British Isles with our fans seeing Games Workshop and Warhammer stores as the hub for their local Warhammer communities.


Take a tour around our campus and meet some of the talented people who call it home, and find out more about the unique setting you could be working in.

“Games Workshop is a very rewarding place to work – obsessed with high quality, possessed of unlimited potential, and with enough eccentricity to keep it interesting.” Phil, Studio Writer
“It’s an incredible privilege to work at a company whose product has been such an important part of my life. It’s a wonderful team and a great and inspiring place to be.” Eddie, Community Team
“Working at HQ is amazing. The people are awesome, I get to spend my lunch breaks gaming in Warhammer World and after hours in a dwarven pub!” Chris, Warhammer TV
“I love working here. It’s unlike anywhere else I’ve ever worked. Every day brings a new challenge, the work is varied and interesting and there are lots of opportunities for growth and advancement.” Alice, Exec Support

What’s great about

Games Workshop UK & Ireland?

  • Flexible Holidays And Benefits

    Enjoy 25 days off per year, not including public holidays and a range of benefits.

  • Pension Scheme

    Receive automatic enrollment in a generous pension scheme

Warhammer 40K logo on building
Purple vehicle
Games Workshop retail store showing merchandise and the Black Library
The Hobbit grand tournament at Bugman's Bar
Various merchandise including Games Workshop Space Marines Primaris Aggressors and Citadel Miniatures
Games Workshop retail employee giving Warhammer World employee products with staff discount

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Nottingham, UK
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Nottingham, UK
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