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Our business is always growing and expanding into new and exciting locations. In Asia, we’ve got offices in Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and close relationships with third-party logistic centres. Each of these locations is unique in its culture and practices, offering exciting places to live and work. These are also our fastest growing markets and the ones with the most potential for future development both for your career and for the Warhammer hobby.

“Marrying my personal passion with my career choice has been very rewarding, and using that passion to expand Games Workshop into unfamiliar territories even more so.” Alan
“I love sharing the hobby with others. Helping them grow and improve is immensely satisfying.” Alex
“I love working at Games Workshop, as I’ve been able to grow and be part of a thriving community and culture. It’s been challenging at times, but in the end, it’s always been deeply rewarding.” Chris
“There’s always surprises, and Games Workshop is always innovating and changing, making it a very exciting place to work!” John

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Games Workshop Asia?

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    Enjoy Citadel products at a generous 50% discount, and 25% off Forge World.

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