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At Games Workshop, people matter. Our people aren’t just any people, they’re hardworking, perfectionists always striving for more and better. Unique, and often quirky, our teams are made up of diverse individuals with varying skill sets and backgrounds brought together by a common set of shared values. We put people first and invest in them for the long-term. After all, over 40 years of experience has taught us that great people, the right people, will do the same for us.


We have a strong culture at Games Workshop. Our remarkable people work hard, support one another and strive for quality above all else. And we have fun! How could we not when we put our heart and soul into everything we do?


  • Staff Discount

    All staff receive a generous discount of 50% off most Citadel products, and 25% off Forge World products.

  • Local Benefits

    In each of our locations, staff benefit from a range of local packages.

  • Worldwide Opportunities

    Every employee has the chance to develop their career and work around the globe.

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Chris Colston, Miniatures Manager

Chris Colston

Miniatures Manager
Richard Packer, Sales Manager, Singapore
retail and ecommerce jobs with games workshop

Richard Packer

Retail Sales Programme Manager
Pete Foley, Books & Box Games Manager

Pete Foley

Books & Box Games Manager
Neil Coombe, Black Library Manager

Neil Coombe

Manufacturing Operations Manager
Mark Chambers, Product & Channel Marketing Manager

Mark Chambers

Product & Channel Marketing Manager

Chris Colston Miniatures Manager


Chris Colston is a veteran staff member at Games Workshop, having started 30 years ago as a paste-up artist before our books were laid out digitally! Here, Chris was able to turn his passion for roleplaying games and miniatures into a developing career and had plenty of opportunities to grow and develop his leadership skills, taking several management roles. Chris is now the Miniatures Manager, helping to design and deliver the world-leading models that drew him to the company in the first place.

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I can still remember my first day working on a White Dwarf page to advertise Hobbits. I’ve worked with special people all the way, and every day still feels like a new and exciting challenge. We set very high standards, so the work is hard, but we have loads of fun creating products that customers love.

Richard Packer Retail Sales Programme Manager


Rich’s career at Games Workshop has been the culmination of a lifelong dream to work with us. Joining our retail chain as a part-time sales assistant in 1997, Rich’s 20 year career has taken him across the country and now, the world. Working his way up to a full store manager, then to a Regional Manager, with a temporary stint as head of Retail Sales in the UK, Rich is now doing great things as our Retail sales programme manager.

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I have, and still do, work with dedicated people who share the desire to do the best for Games Workshop, produce the best miniatures in the world and recruit more people into our amazing hobby. The attitude of continuous development means you are never standing still. I believe the worst days in GW are far better than the best days anywhere else.

Pete Foley Books & Box Games Manager


Pete is responsible for Books and Box Games – essentially, the rules, stories and games that support our awesome miniatures. Pete has experienced the hobby from every angle over a 15 year career, leveraging his skills as a painter to move from a retail assistant role to an ‘Eavy Metal painter. From there, he was able to develop his skills as a manager before working his way up through the Design Studio, Art Management, and Publications before combining them as overall manager of the department.

My career at Games Workshop has been fantastic! I have worked for 15-years creating the products I love. When you believe so passionately in what you do, it hardly seems like work at all. That’s not to say that my time here hasn’t been hard, frustrating, tiring or challenging – just that it has been worth every minute.

Neil Coombe Manufacturing Operations Manager


Neil joined Games Workshop aged 24, and has been with the company for 15 years. Starting in manufacturing, Neil rose through the ranks to become Manufacturing CI and Engineering Manager. With this experience, Neil had the opportunity to make a series of lateral moves, developing his skills as UK Trade Sales Manager, Forge World Sales Manager and even manager of the Warhammer World site itself. Today, Neil is our Manufacturing Operations Manager.

If you join GW with the right attitude and the right behaviours, then you can achieve a great deal and go a long way. This is a dynamic, energised and fast-paced business, always looking to improve across everything, be that design, operations, sales or anything else. At Games Workshop, we never stand still and always want more and better.

Mark Chambers Product & Channel Marketing Manager


Mark has been with GW since he was 24, starting as a Store Manager not far from our Head Office in Nottingham. A career in retail saw Mark move from managing a store of his own, to being responsible for five stores across a region, and from there to managing Games Workshop’s webstore. Mark went on to develop his skills further, leading our sales across several regions, before taking a role in Marketing. He now applies the learnings from those past roles in his position as Product and Channel Marketing Manager.

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I believe we make the best products in the world because we recruit the best people to make them and sell them. I am lucky to work with amazing people, and every day is filled with variety and challenges. All I can say is, I’ve gotten out of bed with a spring in my step for the last 8395 days!

Training and Development

Development is fundamental at Games Workshop. We will help you grow through support and training to help you overcome any challenge. Our Learning and Development team and training partners champion excellence and help you fulfil your potential; it’s not just what you do, but how you do it.


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Games Workshop employees receiving training session

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