The epic journey of the world’s greatest miniatures company

Warhammer World Space Marine statue

A Brief History

We’ve come a long way in 40 years, from our simple beginnings selling board games from the back of a van to nearly 500 stores and thousands of employees worldwide. We’re proud of our history, even the missteps; after all, we created something unlike anything that had come before. Warhammer was the first ever mass fantasy wargame, a revolution for tabletop generals. We built an entire hobby and have continued to expand and redefine it ever since. We’ve always been innovators, dreamers and risk takers, with an unyielding passion for what we do: making the best fantasy miniatures in the world.

A Community Followed

Warhammer is more than just miniatures. To hundreds of thousands of people around the world, it is a rewarding hobby where lifelong friendships are forged and people from all walks of life are brought together by their passion for Citadel miniatures and the worlds of Warhammer.

Over the years, our obsession with quality has led us to become more and more vertically integrated. Simply put, we do everything ourselves because then we can personally ensure it’s of the very best quality. This evolution has gone hand in hand with the enrichment of our company culture to assemble teams of individuals brought together by shared values and behaviours as well as a passion for Games Workshop and its customers.

Our Story

Hear from some key members of the Games Workshop family as they share some of our colourful history and shed light on how Warhammer conquered the world.

Legions of Miniatures

Last year, over 4 million Citadel miniatures joined the ranks of collections around the world – that’s enough to make 40,000 Chapters of Space Marines!

A Global Hobby

With over 4,000 Warhammer, Games Workshop and independent stores around the world, you’re never far from our worlds.

A Dedicated Community

Every day, hundreds of thousands of fans visit our websites and online locations to shop, share and engage with the Warhammer hobby.

Building a home

Our very own Tony Cottrell explores how we built a global home for the Warhammer hobby.

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