The Application Process

How to apply and what to expect

Almost all jobs at Games Workshop are advertised and recruited for using the same method. We hire for fit as much as skill, and the process reflects that. It’s designed to let us find out about you as a person, what you’re passionate about, and whether you’d be at home as part of our family.

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The application letter is your chance to shine. It’s an opportunity to tell us why you want the job, what makes you a good fit for it, and why you’ll be great at it. We read every letter we receive, and this is the single most important part of the recruitment process. It is the determining factor on who we progress to the next stage. So take your time and write something great that grabs our attention.


We hire for fit and we think the best way to find out if you’re the kind of person who belongs with us is by talking to you. Whether your interview is conducted in person, over the phone, or via Skype or other remote method, the format is usually the same. It’s not a test. We want to have an open, honest conversation about you and what you can bring to Games Workshop.


For most jobs, the interview is the end of the process. Shortly thereafter, we’ll contact you to let you know how it went and whether or not you’ve secured a new job at Games Workshop. If you’ve been unsuccessful, don’t be disheartened – getting as far as an interview is in itself a fantastic achievement. We’d definitely welcome you to apply again in future.

Additional Stages

Some roles have special requirements and so, occasionally, there’s an extra couple of steps in the applications process. We might, for example, want to see a folio of your creative work or evidence of a specific skill in action.


We’re looking for the very best creatives for our roles. When we’re hiring miniatures designers, artists and writers, we’ll often ask to see some samples of your work. This might take the form of a portfolio or a special task set as part of the application process.

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Selection Days

At Games Workshop, we hire for fit. To make sure that you’ll fit as part of the team you’re applying to join, we might ask you to undergo a trial period. Similarly, for collaborative roles, we might invite you to a selection day so that we can see how you get on with others.

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Many of our roles will require a working competence in two or more languages – usually English and at least one other. When applying for these roles, you may have to pass a language test in order to progress your application.

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