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VP of North American Logistics & Distribution: Memphis, TN

Wednesday 16 August, 2017

We are looking for the right leader to imagine the future of Games Workshop with courage and creativity. This candidate must successfully lead the North American team in our current growth and beyond. We are looking for a candidate with proven leadership experience (15 years +) to oversee distribution and to forge a strategic direction. [...]

Temporary Sourcing Administrator: Nottingham, UK

Tuesday 15 August, 2017

Do you want to join our sourcing team, helping to improve the cost of goods for all bought in products and materials that are used in making the best fantasy miniatures in the world? Are you excited by efficiently collating, organising and maintaining our product information and then communicating the right information, at the right time to the right people? [...]

Warhammer Community Copy Editor: Nottingham, UK

Friday 11 August, 2017

Do you want to work as part of Games Workshop’s Warhammer Community team? Can you spot a typo at a hundred yards, and deploy semicolons like a champ? Are you excited by the thought of editing our marketing and community copy to ensure it’s the very best it can be?  [...]

Bugmans Bar Sales Assistant (Part Time): Nottingham, UK

Tuesday 8 August, 2017

Do you want to help grow sales in Bugman’s bar and restaurant by delivering exceptional customer service? Are you excited by engaging with a wide variety of customers at pace, understanding what’s important to them and responding accordingly? [...]

Social Media Assistant: Nottingham, UK

Thursday 3 August, 2017

Do you want to work as part of Games Workshop’s social media team? Are you excited by the opportunity to engage with hobbyists around the world presented by social media? Can you help us build a strong community of customers and brand advocates? [...]

Licensing Commercial Liaison: Nottingham,UK

Thursday 27 July, 2017

Are you excited by the idea of driving Games Workshop’s licensing revenue and brand awareness to new heights? Do you have the skills and experience to get our IP into products and territories it’s never appeared in before? [...]

Grill Chef: Nottingham, UK

Tuesday 25 July, 2017

Do you want to be responsible for preparing our extensive burger and pizza theme menu for Warhammer World customers via the famous Bugman’s bar? Are you excited by working in an ever changing, fast paced kitchen? Do you want to work in a kitchen environment that is always looking to improve the quality of the food and services it offers to our paying customers? [...]

Cashbook Administrator: Nottingham, UK

Friday 21 July, 2017

Do you want to be part of a team that is responsible for controlling and reconciling over £100m worth of bank and cash transactions across numerous European and US bank accounts (90 in total)? Are you excited by the thought of having to work collaboratively with others to ensure we always have control of our company’s cash? [...]

Training Resource Co-ordinator (Fixed Term): Nottingham, UK

Monday 17 July, 2017

Do you want to be part of supporting Games Workshop’s quest to have the best sales training? Are you excited by working with a group of dedicated professionals across our global sales business to produce and co-ordinate training resources? [...]


Friday 3 July, 2015

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