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About the Job


Are you excited by calling retail stores and companies, growing sales, and finding new people & places to stock Games Workshop’s products?

Can you work to agreed KPIs and targets to expand Games Workshop’s B2B sales channels?

In this role you will be:
• Cold calling retail stores and companies, to quickly attract their interest, send samples and arrange follow up calls
• Asking the right questions to find out about their business and what is important for them to develop a plan to convince them to stock and sell our products
• Build strong relationships to help you overcome sales objections
• Identifying opportunities to close sales and generate new business
• Generating your own leads
• Responsible for making sure every new account you open is prepared for a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with Games Workshop
• Setting plans and working to achieve targets and KPIs



• 小売店や企業にコールドコールを行い、相手の興味を引き、サンプルを送り、フォローアップの電話の手配をする
• 適切な質問をすることで、彼らのビジネスや、彼らにとって何が重要かを探り、当社製品を仕入れ、販売してもらうための計画を練る
• 営業上の反対意見を克服するために、強い人間関係を構築する
• 新規ビジネス開拓のための機会発掘
• 独自のリードを生成する
• 新規に開拓したアカウントが、ゲームズワークショップと長期的かつ相互に有益な関係を築けるよう準備する
• 計画を立て、目標やKPIを達成するために努力する

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The ideal candidate will:

• Be a proactive sales driven individual who thrives on success and meeting/exceeding targets
• Not be afraid at all of failure or rejection and be able to quickly bounce back in the face of them
• Be able to overcome obstacles and learn from mistakes without finding excuses. Always put the needs of the company first
• Refuse to give up and not take “no” as an answer, whatever the circumstances
• Be able to persuade someone to take actions or to change their mind
• Is a self-motivated and driven professional who is passionate towards learning and the development of their skills
• Be a positive and flexible individual
• Has an understanding of how businesses and retail shops operate, their challenges and frustrations
• Has an understanding of the markets and industries we operate in
• A team player who wants to grow and also contribute to a winning sales team

• 成功や目標を達成すること• 超えることを目指すことのできる積極的なセールスパーソンである
• 失敗や拒絶を全く恐れず、それらに直面してもすぐに立ち直ることができる
• 障害を克服し、言い訳をすることなく、失敗から学ぶことができる。常に会社のニーズを最優先する
• どんな状況でもあきらめない
• 相手を説得し、行動を起こさせることができる
• 学習と能力の成長に熱心で、自発的なプロフェッショナルである
• 前向きで柔軟性がある
• 企業や店舗がどのように運営されているか、その課題や不満を理解している
• 当社が事業展開している市場や業界について理解している
• チームプレーヤーで、成長したい、また、ウイニングチームに貢献したい

Working at Games Workshop


We believe that Games Workshop is a ‘grown-up company’. This means that we pride ourselves on treating each other as adults: You will be given responsibility and we expect you to take responsibility for your performance. Because of this, we believe the attitude you show to work and the way you choose to behave is even more important than your skills or experience.

Other Essential Information


Language ability: Fluency in Japanese plus a level of English is essential for this job.

Location: Asakusa, Tokyo


言語能力: 日本語が流暢であること、および十分な英語力があることが必要です。

勤務地: 東京, 浅草

How to Apply


Please include an up-to-date CV to support your application. When you are ready, please click apply, below.

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