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Visual Content Creator: Nottingham, UK

Friday 13 April, 2018

Do you want to work as part of the Warhammer Community team? Are you excited about creating world class consumer content? Can you help us present the worlds of Warhammer in an engaging and entertaining way?  [...]

Temporary Forge World Production Operative: Nottingham, UK

Wednesday 11 April, 2018

Do you want to help produce the best resin miniatures in the world in a fast paced production environment? Are you relentless in doing what needs to be done day in, day out? Do you have the tenacity to make sure the job is done correctly, down to the last detail? [...]

‘Eavy Metal Painter: Nottingham, UK

Tuesday 6 March, 2018

Do you want to amaze Games Workshops customers by painting Citadel Miniatures in new, exciting and inspirational ways whilst remaining faithful to the imagery, colour schemes and iconography of Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000? Are you passionate about painting Citadel Miniatures to the highest possible standard and excited by the incessant search for improvements in quality that mean you are never satisfied with second best?  [...]

Freelance Black Library French Translator

Friday 26 January, 2018

Do you want to be part of the people who brings the Warhammer fiction of Black Library to the French market? Are you excited by the challenge of ensuring that our book ranges, such as the New York Times bestselling 'The Horus Heresy' series, are as gripping and evocative in French as they are in English? [...]

Trainee Citadel Miniatures Designer: Nottingham, UK

Tuesday 12 December, 2017

Do you want to join the ranks of the Citadel Miniatures Designers, designing and sculpting the best fantasy miniatures on the planet? Are you excited by being the best that you can be, constantly seeking ways to improve in order to make each of your miniatures better than the last? [...]